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Who Controls Our Destiny?

Make the Islands Independent, or Should Things Stay the Same?

Should we become a city? The Constitution grants us all the right to self-govern. The Islands Community Association is not “PRO” or “CON” incorporation. If you feel very strongly that Chatham County is doing a great job, and do not wish to consider other alternatives, it is your ABSOLUTE RIGHT to disagree and vote “NO” on municipal incorporation of our islands. But for those residents that would like to explore alternatives, and get the opportunity to vote “YES” or “NO”, this website is your resource for information on the subject of municipal incorporation. The money you raised for the feasibility study was the first step toward potential self governance.

Latest News + Updates

HB 710 Introduced!

Mar 28, 2018

Big news Islanders! HB 710 introduced has been introduced to the Georgia House! The referendum could be sometime in 2020. Stay informed, talk to your neighbors, consider your vote! We would like to thank Rep. Jesse Petrea and Sen. Ben Watson for introducing House Bill 710 on Thursday March 28th, 2019. Today marks a milestone in the quest to preserve the islands of Oatland, Talahi, Whitemarsh and Wilmington. This generic, working charter – which is not complete – is required to continue the conversation and perform our due diligence.


Fire Protection and the Islands

Feb 10, 2019

In today’s paper, SSFD Chief Kearns wrote a piece about his organization, and briefly touched on the incorporation discussion happening in 31410. Personally, I thought the article was well-written, but I do want to address a few things...


Do You Want the Opportunity to Vote Yes or No?

Jan 11, 2019

The Georgia State Assembly 2019 legislative session starts Monday, January 14. Your legislators need to hear from you! If you would like to have the opportunity to vote yes or no on the issue of municipal incorporation, please add your name now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the proposed lower tax a "teaser rate"?
Can Chatham County raise our taxes?
What happens to fire protection?
What happens to Stephens-Day exemptions?
Who writes the city charter?
Who gets to vote on becoming a city?

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Read the Carl Vinson Institute of Government Feasibility Study

Did you know?

The islands of Wilmington, Whitemarsh, Oatland, and Talahi have 24,500 residents. If we incorporate, we will be the 2nd largest city in Chatham County!

City of Pooler Comparison

Pooler Population is approximately 22,000. Revenue for 2017 was about $20,000,000 (Estimated from 2017 Proposed Pooler Budget)

Skidaway Island Comparison

Skidaway Island Revenue will be approximately 6 MILLION – they have 6000 residents.

What's Next?

We need to educate, inform, and inspire our neighbors to vote “YES” or “NO” when the referendum to incorporate is placed on the ballot.

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